#4000 ProSolv Propane Cylinder Recycling System

4000 product set
Complete set

ProSolv Propane Canister Recycling System includes: ProSolv Fuel Canister Venting Device, #4343 Activated Carbon Filter and Forty (40) Certification Tags, Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles and Pliers.


  • Safely removes the valve stem so canister can be recycled as scrap steel instead of disposed as hazardous waste — saves you money on solid waste disposal!
  • Inserts "recyclable" steel certification tag into the cylinder valve (40 tags included)
  • Pays for itself when you recycle 8 standard propane cylinders
  • Activated carbon filter helps remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from propellant
  • Anti-static grounding wire grounds unit
  • Unit can be hand-held or mounted on tabletop
  • Download the instructions manual



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