Aerosolv Gaskets

5129 aerosolv aeroprene gasket

Aeroprene gaskets 

Keep your Aerosolv system in shipshape by replacing worn or aging gaskets. Replacement gaskets are available in sizes to fit Aerosolv systems 5000 and 7000.

The standard gasket (#5129 Aeroprene) will work best for most aerosol cans, but smaller shaped cans may need a gasket with a different size. Please consult us for the best type of gasket.

Viton® Gasket

A Viton® Gasket has a higher resilience to caustics & aggressive solvents. If your standard aeroprene gaskets wears out rapidly, order this one.

Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont de Nemours & Co.


An overview of available gaskets

The standard gasket (#5129) has a diameter of 2" (50,8 mm). The Viton® gasket (#5111) also has a diameter of 2".

All other gaskets have smaller inner diameter in steps of 1/8" and made of Aeroprene. If you intend to use small cans, consult us for the right gasket.

 Gasket nr  Size in inches  Size in mm  
   #5132    1 7/8  47,6   Rustoleum® and Krylon® cans 
   #5125    1 3/4  44,4  
   #5133    1 5/8  41,3  
   #5131    1 1/2  38,1  
   #5128    1 3/8  34,9  
   #5121    1 1/4  31,7  
   #5127    7/8  22,2  

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